Employment Agreement for Associate Attorneys

Employment Agreement for Associate Attorneys


In line with the conditions of this Agreement, the Firm employs the Attorney, and the Attorney accepts employment as an attorney. Employment Agreement for Associate Attorneys

Full-time employment. The Attorney shall dedicate his or her whole working time and attention to the practice of law

Employment Agreement for Associate Attorneys
                             Employment Agreement for Associate Attorneys

for the Firm, and the Attorney shall not, without the Firm’s express consent, render professional services to or for any person or firm other than as an employee of the Firm.

Assignments and responsibilities The Firm will specify the Attorney’s responsibilities, as well as the means and methods by which those responsibilities will be fulfilled. The Firm will choose which clients will be assigned to the

Attorney and the Attorney will provide services to those clients. The fees at which the Attorney’s work will be billed are determined by the Firm.


The Firm shall pay the Attorney a yearly compensation of $58,000 for any services done under this Agreement, payable weekly or as otherwise mutually agreed. The remuneration can be adjusted at any moment by mutual agreement of the parties.

Employment Agreement for Associate Attorneys
Employment Agreement

The Attorney may get a bonus in addition to the pay provided in 2.1. The bonus, if any, will be in such amounts as the Firm, in its sole discretion, determines.

Additional compensation is available. In addition to the income and bonus listed in items 2.1 and 2.2, the Attorney will be eligible for a share of the Firm’s Personal Injury cases. In a Personal Injury lawsuit, the Attorney will receive 10% of the firm’s settlement.

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